Thank you for 44 terrific years!   Stay well and best wishes!     

Jeremie Then and Now

In 1976, Jim Carroll was visiting the remote town of Jeremie, Haiti. He was fascinated by the hand-crafted products created by the towns’ artists. Jim asked a local wood carver to make a few red wooden apples for a friend back home. The almost magical quality of those first hand-turned apples were the beginning of Jeremie Corporation. No two were alike. They were a beautiful collection of distinct differences; and their substances still resonates in the dining room of Jims’ friend.

During the next few years, the red apple became a ‘must have’ for shops from Georgia to California. You may have one of those apples. If you do, know your treasure as there is no other quite like it. Handcrafting is like that. Each item is uniquely individual.

The original creative team and the craftsmen that began with Jim and Jeremie continue today. They have imagined, refined and produced thousands of designs that decorate homes and gardens throughout the world.

Today Jeremie, as a wholesale manufacturer, sells over 700 products for home and garden to independent gift, specialty, garden and catalog retailers. Located in metro Atlanta, Georgia, we bring employment opportunities to many individuals in the U.S. as well as around the globe. The energy and enthusiasm of our family of staff and artists are the reasons for our continued success. Ever Mindful of our original roots, we strive to maintain the same balance of values and quality that we started with 42 years ago.

Jeremie’s Vision

Exclusively designed by Jeremie’s teams of creative talents and artisans, our products are copyrighted. We track current trends and capture them in wood, metal, glass, wire, coconut and stone to creative beautiful home and garden accessories. Collaborating with blacksmiths, sculptors and artisans in locations from Haiti to the Philippines, our passion continues to create art filled with character, authenticity, imagination and surprise.

Jeremie’s Earth Friendly Philosophy

Since our inception, we have always been ecologically minded. We began by recycling steel drum metal to produce one-of-a-kind products. Over the years, Jeremie has rescued hundreds of thousands of steel drums intended for landfills and transformed them into sometimes functional, sometimes whimsical, but always unique, accessories for home and garden. Not limited to steel drums, today our repurposed and recycled products include items made from pallet wood, paper, coconut and even used light bulbs.

Jeremie’s Dedication to You

For over 40 years, Jim Carroll and the Jeremie team, have taken our customers feedback and desires to heart. That is why every item we design is filled with charm, personality and surprise. All crafted with you in mind.

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